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OF MY FIRST JOB INTERVIEW!!! Craziness!!! Anyways I hope to hear from more jobs soon so yeah–it was a lot better than I expected and you know what, job interviews are more like experiences. I haven’t done an interview in a looong while so I hope with the more interviews I get, I’ll get better. […]

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First job interview on Thursday!!! 😀

So as I keep job hunting, I noticed the only jobs that seem to be available are the temporary jobs and some of my friends who have jobs just now are temporary jobs. You know in the beginning I thought I really shouldn’t look into it but in this economy a temporary job is better […]

Today I made my first follow up to one of the jobs I applied to. The bad news is that they were looking for someone they wanted immediately and the latest was July 20th (but I’m still at school :-(). But the good news is that the HR guy will hold my resume and cover […]

Job hunting series — so my blog has been getting eclectic! Currently I am actively looking for a job so I’ll be posting some stuff I’ve learn about job hunting. please mention that you will call them on that certain day to follow up. This should be mentioned in the last paragraph where you mention […]

I got this from an e-mail from 10 Key Steps to a Successful Job Search By J.T. O’Donnell This checklist provides an overview of the complete step-by-step process for identifying a career path and pursuing jobs that suit your needs. Using the right attitude and resources, you can narrow down the unlimited number of […]

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The 10 truths about today’s job market and how to be competitive. In fact, is really cool website so definitely check it out! They are already some helpful tools like “5 things every job seeker should know”–that’s important because you’re marketing yourself so know your talents! And…right now i’m going through yahoo answers to […]