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Please check them out: I did an assignment if I were to change one thing what would it be? And I chose Korres Lip Butter. Also I wrote an article inspired by another article I read called “How to Treat Mr. Big Syndrome“. Advertisements

Eye make-up remover So Friday night as I was getting ready to go to a party I decided I wanted to experiment with some smokey blue eyes. But it took a lot of tries because I didn’t want to look like a racoon. There were a lot of trials and errors and I didn’t want […]

So every girl has got that default dress to wear when none of the dresses just seem appealing to you when you go shopping (this includes many factors why you don’t want this dress–love the dress but not the price. Love the price, but not the dress). This goes the same with makeup items when […]

Today EC and I went out for lunch before him heading out to Anime Expo. Actually he is not a die hard anime fan but his friends are definitely are. But anyways after lunch, I took a walk to the mall and check out the following: – Chanel Venise Collection is A LOT better than […]

– Lush Angels on Bare Skin – This is rated pretty high on the Lush website. I got this 1/4 pound and been using it everyday. I love the smell in the morning. I recommend using this if you want to take a break from your cleanser because I actually like the cleanser I regularly […]

image from Oh I couldn’t find my Korres Lip butter in a while and used that dreaded Nivea Kiss of Moisture SPF 4. The Nivea gave sun protection which I like but it didn’t moisturize so I had to keep applying every so often. But i’m so glad I found it because my lips […]

I prefer tinted moisturizers to foundations in general just because I’m just a plain old foundation-a-phobe. I don’t really like it when make up artists put foundation–I don’t even like it when I put on foundation either. But with tinted moisturizers, they’re light weight where I don’t feel like I”m wearing makeup or think about […]