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Purchases: – Chanel Murano quad – I thought I had my heart set on the eye gloss quad but instead I decided on the Murano quad. Isn’t it so pretty?? The colors are so pretty! and can definitely be dressed up or dressed down! It’s a good perennial product and it definitely won my heart […]

When the Fledgings Return to the Nest – I was reading this NY Times article online before heading to work. My thoughts: The truth is…I don’t want to become a boomerang child. I know I just graduated from college and just taking that one class but I’ll do whatever it takes to NOT move back […]

1. Bowl Noodles Soup – best late night food ever!!! I might like this one just as much as coffee. My favorite flavor is Kimchi and I always wanted to buy a bulk version except where would I put it in my room?? 2. Diddy Reese Cookies – 1.50 cookie sandwiches!!! 3.  the social life […]

I got this from I thought this was a good read to share. I really wish I learned how to financially responsible–something you’ll never learn from any classes you take. Anyways I’ve got 8.25 years to successfully follow these commandments! 1. Plan Ahead You need to have plans and goals that account for the […]

4th of July…


what did I do? I visited my ex-roommate and had get together/BBQ. We went to the beach and watched fireworks. It’s really cool to watch it at the beach because if you look along the shoreline, there were fire works there too which I thought was cool. There were also fireworks coming from behind the […]



I am done writing my resume. I have two one is a general one and the other one lists my labskills. yesterday I went to the career counselor. She gave me advice on writing a cover letter and just reading the job descriptions on jobs I’m interested in, made writing a cover letter a lot […]

^^^ major tip when writing a resume. And it has to be one page… Appearance of a resume is important. font matters too and it needs to be at most two different fonts.   san-serif font is good for headings, serif is good for the text stuff space between heading and text is important Brevity […]