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90% of my makeup reside here in this drawer. Like I said, it’s not as much as otherr makeup collections I’ve encountered in the blog but it is more than average I guess??? Idk. The remaining are on my desk but they’re usually staples like powder and there’s this blue eyeshadow trio i’ve been meaning […]

So i finally switched rooms and not only that I also: – packed all the clothes I don’t wear/don’t need/don’t fit into a bag and it’s going to the Salvation Army–but I still have a lot of clothes left over!! omg… – threw all my junk away – consolidated all my extras–like extra body washes […]

In 20 minutes


so…a while ago I read Self Magazine and they had these tips on how to be organized. One of ideas that totally stood out was taking 20 minutes per day to organize. Today I did my closet and i took out all the clothes I didn’t/wear anymore and I put all my makeup into a […]