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I read this article from Chica With Issues on being frugal. What I learned about being frugal is just cutting back. Just because you love your Starbucks coffee so much doesn’t mean you should change to another brand that is half the price but doesn’t taste just as good–all you have to do is cut […]

about how I haven’t been out of this state in more than a year–actually more than two years. No, I don’t count a trip to Vegas because I feel every California university/college student goes to Vegas. I really want to go except no money and really really not a lot of time *sighs*. I’d like […]

This is the last summer of my undergraduate life and I need to save up! And skip buying so much skincare, beauty stuff, and clothes, and eating out etc and WHY I should skip. So I decided to stick around my college town for a bit which I am glad to exercise some independence. I […]