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So today I bought the Lush body butter in Buffy and on the way there I decided to stop by Michael’s to buy  a container for it because they just so happen to be so much cheaper than the tin containers. And I didn’t feel like buying another body butter just to get the free […]

In the dorm, you share a bathroom with like 3 other rooms and what I really don’t like about it is carrying my bathroom tray to bathroom. Sure I can leave my stuff in the bathroom because it’s not like I’ll sure another bathroom, but I don’t like how my stuff is there for all […]

hmm…well the most i’ve been away was like 2-3 days and LATELY it’s been: Skincare: – day moisturizer – sunsuncreen – lush massage bar (as a lotion of course) – witch hazel toner (in a smaller tube) – Estee lauder night serum – petroleum jelly (for eyecream usually) – night time moisturizer – skin cleanser […]

about how I haven’t been out of this state in more than a year–actually more than two years. No, I don’t count a trip to Vegas because I feel every California university/college student goes to Vegas. I really want to go except no money and really really not a lot of time *sighs*. I’d like […]

It costs less than five dollars. It comes in a small squeeze tube but a little comes a long way–one tube gives about 200 uses. Ever since I left little Nivea blue tin in EC’s room, I let him keep it because his hands are so dry but that left me with no hand cream […]

Josie Maran is a cute girl and like many famous models (i.e. Iman and Heidi Klum) she launched her own makeup line. This makeup line is different from other makeup lines because they are eco-friendly. These wipes are my first Josie Maran purchase and I’m looking into buying more from this line like those eyeshadows. […]

This retreat was so much fun! The beach house was extremely spacious and it was nice not sleeping in a bunk bed and/or a twin size bed. It was so nice spending the weekend with someone you care about too. I can’t exactly call him a boyfriend–i can’t explain why but we’re dating each other. […]