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My latest newest pieces: 1. Undergarment for that form-fitting figure 2. White collared long sleeve shirt 3. Dressy wedged heels – there are about 1 inch long 4. bra built tank Wish list (as always): 1. Long-sleeved collared shirt in another color maybe a light blue or a light yellow 2. I’ve been drooling over […]

Instant love!


Chanel Fall 2009 makeup swatches are already up! – The Murano quad is really pretty!!!! But I’ve been eye-ing Mystic Eyes for a while and save Murano later. I hope Murano is not limited edition! *crosses fingers* I love how versatile it is! And I looove the Rouge Allure lipsticks too: Instinctive, Intuitive, Captive, and […]

about how I haven’t been out of this state in more than a year–actually more than two years. No, I don’t count a trip to Vegas because I feel every California university/college student goes to Vegas. I really want to go except no money and really really not a lot of time *sighs*. I’d like […]

from Stila illuminating tinted moisturizer in SPF 15 is instant love!!! I tried this out in sephora today and it made my skin FLAWLESS and it lasts and it’s got SPF too!! But too bad it’s 32 dollars and I need to finish up my makeup otherwise poor Korres TM won’t ever finish up. […]

image from It’s sooo pretty!!! and looking through the fall collection, I am also loving the new eyeshadow quad, it’s got a couple greens, a pink and silver. It’s so weird because in other pictures, I see black and pink. Idk…we’ll find out in July/August. But I still want Mystic eyes. Anyways just lusting.

I love: Chanel Poudre Douce Organix Sulfate Free shampoo and Condition Lush Massage Bars Baby Oil Tarte Cheekstain in Tipsy and the rest of my blush collection Chanel Nebula Glossimer I don’t like: – Essence of Beauty eyelash Curler because it gives me L-shaped lashes – I’m pretty ehh about the maybelline eyelash curler – […]

and I better start saving up. i’m so sad the “Wish” glossimer is already sold out and same with all those nail polishes :-(. Oh well… Oh well here’s some sneak peak images of the Chanel fall 2009 collection from I’m interested in the new eye gloss, I’m not too crazy about the Murano […]