sorry about the lack of updates


I’ve been job hunting. Just to let you know I haven’t really purchased any beauty items lately. I am still sticking with my budget plan. So far I’ve got  14.13 in beauty credits but let’s see what other items I’ve finished up:

4.  Estee Lauder Daywear Cream – 38.00 — I counted this one because I’ve got a couple of other moisturizers left over.

5. Angels on Bare Skin – 10.81 — I count this one because I’ve other other skin cleansers

6. CVS medicated lip balm – 1.79 — I’ve got PLENTY of lipbalms

7. Wiccy Massage Bar – 8.75

total beauty credits: 73.48

Wow! even little purchases go a long way!

What else have I been doing? I’ve been perfecting the art of looking for drugstore finds! Recently I bought:

– Bag Balm – I like this one better than petroleum jelly and this is gonna last me a long long time

– Pure constarch baby powder — Lush sells powder but it’s so expensive! I like Karma and Silky Underwear because they smell really nice but as of now, I’ll stick with this drugstore purchase.

– Rose Water Toner at Whole Foods – This costs less than 4 dollars and it smells so nice. I mixed it with Witch Hazel and it’s working better for my skin because Witch Hazel tends to dry out my skin.

But anyways I will get back to updating. Right now I’m focusing on job hunting while working a part time job. also I’ve been moonlighting as a contributor for Associated  Content and trying to work extra hours at the co-op.

Here’s a couple more stories I wrote:

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